Moichef is a french startup founded by two ex-engineers food-enthusiasts Tristan Laffontas & Romain Priot. The service is quite simple : deliver meals kits from great restaurants and Chefs to cook at home. Some recipes and Chefs are awarded of stars from the Michelin Guide, the reference guide for gastronomy. The idea is also to help food-enthusiasts to achieve complex recipes as «  Suprême de volaille en bouillon de truffes, raviole de tartufo et légumes de printemps "   from chef Gaël Orieux, restaurant Auguste à Paris, star awarded.
MoiChef gives a chance to experiment fine dinning from your own.
- C'est toi le chef -

Creative fields: Branding, Key visual, Art direction, illustrations
Photo Set: Emilie Gentils, Romain Priot
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